Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dinner with nayantara.

Last night,I had a chance to have dinner with my friend, whom I call nayantara; for her picture in facebook. It was an immediate planning and thank God, it wasn't raining. We had a great dinner in pizza hut.
Parimala @panasonic @koyaka@ nayantara. We met two years ago in our varsity. She hails from Johore and our friendship was just a 'hi-bye' friendship at first. Now, although not so close and kinda 'bestie', we still understand each other well and whenever we are out, we spent sweet moments together. I'm going to miss her a lot, definitely!
We always make some 'unavoidable mistakes' whenever we hangout together. When we went to 'kopitiam', we had crush on this nepal guy and was talking about him in Tamil. My other friend was showing some signals, which we do not understand and continued talking about him. After getting out of the restaurant, we get to know that he understands Tamil! Ouch! So many things we had done together.
Now, back to the story. While eating in pizza hut, I asked if she will work here after her graduation and her respond was negative. She will work near her house because she had enough of staying so far from home. I was saddened by her answer. Will she marry a guy from Penang? She just smiled.
I couldn't let her go, and I don't know why. I'm going to miss so many people after graduation.
She is just so simple, and pretty, kind-hearted, funny. She has so many positive attributes.
After our dinner, we walked back. We shared so many stories about things that is going on in campus. Ya, you call it gossips. hahax!
Talking to her really was fun and I feel happy. I enjoyed myself that night.
To Pari;
May God bless you always,
May you get a job near your house,
May your husband takes care of you very well,
May you live happily forever,
May God let you to keep that smile on your face all the time,
May you have many children, looking just like you=),
May God grant all your wishes,
and lastly,
Remember me always!!!

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