Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I care for you!

Seriously, I don't like you,
keep it to yourself,
your lame younger-than-you boyfriend stories,
your last year break-up stories,
your never ending family problems.
You are my friend,
As a friend,
I was a good listener
As a friend,
I kept all your secrets
As a friend,
I became the middle man,
solving your love problems
As a friend,
I cared for your,
I never expect anything in return
But, why is it me whom you choose to share all your problems
and others to share your joyful moments?
I'm not asking much,
I'm willing to your listener
stop pouring all your sad stories to me
all the time
You and I are totally different
I prefer loneliness at times,
you cannot stay alone for even a minute.
I spend some quiet moments to relax
you don't like quiet moments
A golden advice to you:
Get rid of those unfaithful boys
and concentrate on your life!

(sometimes, we have friends that only come to us when they're troubled. But why they don't share the good news also?- you feel left out, all the time, make you feel angry. I just vent out mine)

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