Sunday, March 27, 2011

Me in saree, with the colour that I least loved.

Had an awesome dinner in a five star hotel. Yeap, cool! It was hockey dinner and the theme was black and white. Well, I hate black and I don't own a white colored clothes. There you go, now you see the advantage of having sisters??? I borrowed my sista's saree, without her knowledge..hahaha! So, this is how I looked on that day. And I received positive reviews...

kesa: u looked awesome yest...
*blushing ....hahahaha

Kesavarthani:Renuka, u looked awesome yesterday
Renuka:hahahah! thanks ka!
Kesavarthani:really, it was damn nice.i admired dat lot,but couldnt snap any pics 2gtr

Thila thulipz:yeah.. renuka.. wanted to tell u.. saw d pic..u plg cantik..
Thila thulipz:very homely n nice...

Comment 4:
Jeffrey Matthews: wow .... AWESOME renuka ..... ur looking like a model as always ...... ^^
I was on cloud nine!!! Thanks guys!

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