Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Awesome guy :)

Ok, this is a funny one. But. I admire Him a lot!  Dressed up like a saint, He looks more like giving alm (food) than telling the menu for breakfast.

Standing there,
All day long,
Don’t you feel tired?

No, you don’t.
All-time routine
of yours,
Filling everyone’s stomach,
Happiness on your face
and theirs.

I feel dumb. The poem sounds weird. Written in a minute with what comes in my mind. Well, about this guy, He is a statue (I respect him, mind you!) in a restaurant. He stand there 365days, serving breakfast-for-today in a closed container with a big grin. Looking like saint, he shows a religious/spiritual man who is vegetarian. And, to make sure you get the meaning, food prepared by this spiritual person, is like having both God blessings and the food is hygiene, prepared with love. You don’t have to worry about diseases, and you will feel so full once finishing the food.

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