Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Here comes Menora..

So, we drove to Johore.
Two cars, to Johore.  An 8-hour journey. But, it’s not about the journey.
It’s something along the journey.  Talking about long journey in highway, first thing that comes to my mind is : TUNNEL!
The Menora Tunnel, at North–South Expressway.

This tunnel fascinates me. I’ve no idea what so big thing about this tunnel, but whenever we reach near the tunnel, my eyes widened, trying to remember each and every details about this tunnel.
It’s like in a cave….Dark, only small lights aligned on the sides of the tunnel.  And you travel along, slowly, until you reach the end, and coming out the tunnel, so bright!
I have this admiration since I was a kid. When I was nine years old, we went to Kuala Lumpur for vacation. On the way, my dad kept on telling to not to sleep. He said there is something my sisters and I have to see. And , we saw the tunnel! Whoa!!
We don’t really go to far places, so my dad doesn’t want us to miss this opportunity. So we were awake all the time
Those were the time you hardly travel far for vacations. It was school holidays, and my sister started this topic of going somewhere for school break. (You know, when the school reopens, these rich kids will start stories on how they spent their holiday…and you sit there, listen, wishing you have a story to tell, too)
Though we were five of us, kids, and my dad was only a fireman at that time, he managed to bring us for a splendid holiday!
He brought us to many places, but till now only the tunnel truly fascinates me. My dad’s word has left a big impact on me.

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