Friday, January 6, 2012

I want jimiki!!!!

She has a mellifluous voice. You can get addicted to her voice instantly. And she is a great devotee of Sriman Narayanan. Guess what, she graduated in accountancy ( a qualified Chartered Accountant; stood All India Third in Chartered Accountancy ) and now she decided to perform Harikatha (the art of telling epics, weaving together music). You can  only see her in 9 yards saree. 

I am so into her voice and her upanyasam. But now, I badly want that jimiki, same as hers. She waers only jimiki, small and nice for her. Some with diamonds..

 This is my favourite. She wears it very often..Love it!

I had jimiki when I was 15, a gift from my aunt, hook type, which I don't really like, but still I wear it often. Last year, my aunt bought for me, the original type, but she did not buy the upper stud. When i pair it with stud, it stayed stiff..NOT NICE at all! hrmmm

 I've been looking for jimiki for a long time, but couldn't get one with ear stud. Its either too big or it do not dangle (stay stiff)... So, I want a pair of jimiki!!!!!

Different, with one small pearl dangling at the bottom...

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