Monday, May 7, 2012

Animals are not birthday gifts...

So, gifts like chocs and roses are so last season. Girls are neither excited nor impressed with these. Boys need some new gifts...and they give pup as present. Isn't that cool?   NO.

First of all, how long you know your gf? And how sure are you she will take care of the pup very well, with so much love,care and devotion? What, is she taking care of your child?

Boys, you give her a gift that she has to take care everyday. Girls are like that, they'll say 'cho cute, cho bubbly,cho, cho, cho...' when they see small things, but when ask them to take care,, then you'll know how much sin have you committed.

Well, it's good you care for your gf, and you want to impress her, but think of the pup.. If its lifespan its 12 years and the pup enjoyed first three years, and your gf dumped the dog as you dumped her....Isn't that a BIG sin? (Sorry)
In case both of you couldn't take care, what happens to the dog?

Sorry for this irritating post, but recently I had a friend who was pushing me, asking for a poodle. Out of curiosity, I asked and he admitted that his brother wanted to present his darling a poodle.. Damn it!

And by the way, If you were to present your girl a puppy, bear in mind there will be someone cursing you silently...

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