Thursday, May 17, 2012

What your jathagam says?

beautifully explained....

ennamo antha graham intha graham aathanikiruthu naale?

~ "atthanae grahamum nee allavo" 

neram seriya illei naale...

~"bhagavad smarana pandra neram nalla neram, Avane marakkere neram kaettha neram"

Yes, Indians on numerology, horoscope, etc etc... They fear of 7 1/2...duh. I agree I do believe a little, but whats better than chanting His mantra and start your day...Aren't the grahams are His creation? So, stop worrying, don't be too indulged in this. Believe in God and everything will be fine.  

P/S: Guess you guys will be irritated with the post title which drawn you to..LOL

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