Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Married Life!

 your reaction would have been : Dei, adapavinggela, yen manatheh vangguno'ne plan pannithingela??

There are few things that you label as shocking news; one of it is your friend's wedding. That's shocking! That's when you hear the time ticking, and people around you start questioning; 'so Revathy, when yours? Have you found or arranged marriage?' Some oldies will even give advice,' You're too tall, where your mother gonna get you a mappilai for your height? better find on your own, you now study tertiary, will meet  educated guys, get one.' At first, I was stunned, older generation as usual will try to uphold the culture, yet these people say such things, but then again, I realized. We change according to the time.

(See, I always get diverted from the topic; my weakness)

After years going for marriages with my parents, first time ever going alone with friends for a friend's wedding
I always joke about her, but deep inside I felt extremely happy for her. ( I love her, but never knew it was quite deep. Another close friend who anti her say bad thing about her when I text her about the marriage. I ignored her.)

It was like a dream. Just yesterday, we were sitting together in the class, making fun of each other, acting so so so childishly, chasing each other in classroom (we were 18 then, in upper six, can you believe? even worse,we chased a male friend!) and now she is there, on the aisle.

We were standing at a corner. The wedding was far different from normal Indian family. She was surrounded with family members. The moment I caught a glimpse of her, my eyes were watery. I  know, it sounds funny. I felt as though she is leaving somewhere far away. And changed to someone different, more matured;more womanly. The only flashback that kept running on my mind was when she was sitting beside me in form 6. I miss her.

She looked calm, and was sweating. As she looked upon the guest, she saw me and my friend after three years. With a wide grin, she waved at us! still the very same girl that I know!
A bride should be shy, facing down, keep a strict face, normally. But, SHE! hahahahaha!

I came to know her in Form 3, we weren't so close. And we became classmates in Form 4. A year later, we sat together as my partner went to a different class. All the time I know, she was the competitive and smart student. Very focused and strict. Hardly laughs and very quiet. We do talk but not too deep on personal matters. She went to army training (PLKN). I went after that to the same training at the same place! She helped me, called me and give me tips about the camp. In the dormitory, as I sat sadly on my new bed, I saw her name. On the cupboard, the very next bed. I felt glad! We meet during holidays. We went to Form 6. She reserved a place for me as my training ended late. The feel you get when someone cares about you.

That's when I saw the real her. Funny, lovable, optimism, sense-of-humour. We make fun of her, but everyone like her. We mix with everyone, life was a joy. Together with her twin brothers, we had fun. A LOT!
We became librarian, we anti the same person, we became friends with teachers. We go out on her bike. We join the same society. We were in the same team in Bio lab. Catch butterflies together, pluck leaves together. It was all like almost yesterday.
( At times, I think we shouldn't grow up. It really suffocates us, teaching us many things that actually hurting)

And now, today, she has opened to carve a beautiful everlasting chapter in her life. The chapter that will grow broad as time passes. The chapter that will teach new meaning of life, for her to look in a different perspective. May the newly wed couple be blessed forever. May she be surrounded with happiness with her beloved ones.


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