Friday, March 8, 2013

Shrimathi Vishaka Hari Interview

I've been waiting aeon for a special interview of Vishaka Hari, even if it's just a 2 mins interview. For the first, I watched her interview, seeing another facet of Shrimathi, off the stage. She didn't talk much yet she delivered a very short speech with deep meaning.

A truly admirable lady, who left her prospective accountant job to learn kathakalakshepam, very talented and blessed by Sri Narayanan. I couldn't agree more, Indian literatures and arts are vastly rich.Even one lifetime is not enough to master one composition!
'So much that we need not to look up to the West to buy their ideas. It is they who should borrow from us'. Her confidence in speaking about Indian heritage without fear is palpably clear that she holds a high respect on Hinduism especially on our culture and arts.

'You maybe very advanced in materialism but we are very advanced in our spiritualism'.-quoted by Swami Vivekananda (that's what I heard in the clip). I've never heard of that but Shrimathi Visakha Hari has her points there.
You can live a life without materialism but you can't live a peaceful life without spiritualism.

 They could have interviewed her more on Hinduism rather than asking inconsequential details (about the 9 yard saree). And, they missed asking her about the jimiki :(

 Spiritualism is the elixir of Hinduism, or should I say the other way round.

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