Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Now I know.
Dogs are to guard house. That’s what ‘they’ claimed. Spending two weeks with someone who don’t cuddle furry animals but keeping them for guarding is pathetic. They complain all the time. I mean all the time.
What’s wrong showing love and care to them? Trust me, they are a true companion. Hit them for drinking your coffee, the very next second, they’ll be under your feet, licking for your love. And then again drink the coffee. This time, your heart would’ve been melted enough with pure raw love; you won’t lift your hand to smack them but just sit there, smiling, watching them. I do.
She never nag but she feels disgust that we actually kiss and hug Ammu. She keeps mentioning it every day, and thank God I don’t give a damn because my dad have said ‘my sisters are all nyanyuk, don’t listen to their nags’.
I’m spending my nights in your house because you are alone for two weeks and you complain about my pet?
This issue isn’t really bothering me because whenever it annoys me, anyway I would reward my dogs a small nap on the bed, yes, on the bed; some teddy bear- chewing fun game. My sister told me not to do so, hmmm maybe I’ll stop after few days. I’m not revenging, no I don’t do that, especially to old people. It’s just fun being timid and naughty; being 13 again.
So, anyone out here want to nag about my pet???

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