Wednesday, December 29, 2010


After so long, I've come up with my own resolutions. I did not really focus on my 2010 resolutions, but I must make sure I complete most my new resolutions. Go Go chaiyok!
2. Lose 5 kilos (target)
3. Go for a manicure
4. Change your hairstyle
5. Revamp your wardrobe (for God's sake)
6. enhance your poetry skills=)
7.Spend less time on net foe entertainment (target: 1 hour)
8.Jog at least 2 times a week
9. Be more volunteering
10. Update your savings
11. Learn baking
12. Don't miss any Sani Pirathosam (there's only two this year)
13. Eat less sugary items. (my friend's uncle underwent surgery to amputate his toe. Hope he'll be fine)
14. Make sure Nithiyaa applies for Master in USM Nibong Tebal.
15. Listen to mom. She knows better. Don't get angry easily.
16. Memorize Vinayagar Agaval
17. Spend more time in library
18. Keep blogging!!

Hope 2011 will bring a better year ahead. Let us welcome 2011 with joy and happiness!