Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Laboratory, I meant.

blue flame
swaying left right
as per ordered by the air
from above in a cabinet

Bunsen burner, I meant.

clear transparent fluid
I float.
my other half
stuck at bottom.
We're separated

Centrifugation, I meant.

Baker's yeast
I mingle with
in conical jar
we spent a day
foul smell we form

Fermentation, I meant.

Mere banana stem
called 'sample'
New name, I loathe
they refrigerate me
heat me
cooled me
incubate me
acidify me
neutralize me
Again refrigerate.
after all I go through,
Nasty damned humans.

Funny! Came to my mind while sitting in the lab doing freeze drying. Hahax!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

34 things about me

Don't laugh at the picture. I'm creative :)

·         I drive car barefooted
·         As a kid, I was perfectionist: I iron the wrinkled edges of my blanket before I use it every night :P
·         I’ll start to yawn and feel sleepy as soon I enter shopping complexes. Not a shopaholic, believe me.
·         My favourite colour is yellow; because blue, pink, and purple are common favourites.
·         Black is strictly no on auspicious occasions. My rule.
·         Star gazing, jungle trekking, and hiking-I’m ready for it everyday.
·         Dogs are cure for all depression, I trust.
·         I can go out without make up but never without hand watch and water bottle.
·         I get choked by fishbone when I was 5. Since then, I’ve never ate fish.
·         I still ask for my mother’s permission to go for a movie.
·         I’m a Saivite yet I pray to Lord Vishnu.
·         I’m so used to healthy home-cooked food till my stomach can’t accept outside food. Often, being food-poisoned.
·         My dad calls me scientist.
·         I get excited whenever I pass through tunnels.
·         Shopping for me always done by my mother and sisters.
·         Collecting stamps was my childhood hobby. I’m a proud owner of a stamp book ;full of foreign stamps J
·         Sometimes, I share my secrets with my dog. I think she can understand what I’m saying. Humans can never be trusted.
·         A perfect exercise for my mind: SUDOKU!
·         I’m racist, only to racists.
·         I had my head shaved bald when I was 19. Yea, you heard me.
·         My body is immune to coffee. I can still sleep after drinking coffee.
·         Tiger biscuits make me stay awake at night.
·         I still feel as though I’m in a dream since my Form 4. I couldn’t believe how screwed my life is!
·         I’ve tried, I can never concentrate in class.
·         I was bitten by a cat when I was 4. And, I’ve hated all cats.
·         My brother calls me Rules Renuka because I follow all rules.
·         My shoe size is 9. I have problem with that especially being born in Asian country with European size.
·         The first time I tasted KFC when I was 13. And I’m glad my taste bud didn’t get addicted to the food.
·         I read novels not to sound romantic (ppl think so). I read to learn new words and use it. More like a hobby.
·         I can never make a decision; if I made one, I’ll regret thinking it was a wrong choice ( Just regret for few mins, then I’ll console myself)
·         A short distance runner and played netball when I was in school bench.
·         An ardent fan of Vairamuthu.  Lyricist Thamarai is making her way to win my heart soon 
·         I’ve been keeping Tiger Woods picture in my wallet since 14. First crush, they call it.
·        24 hours time format was never invented for me. I always have to calculate manually to know the time.