Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Laboratory, I meant.

blue flame
swaying left right
as per ordered by the air
from above in a cabinet

Bunsen burner, I meant.

clear transparent fluid
I float.
my other half
stuck at bottom.
We're separated

Centrifugation, I meant.

Baker's yeast
I mingle with
in conical jar
we spent a day
foul smell we form

Fermentation, I meant.

Mere banana stem
called 'sample'
New name, I loathe
they refrigerate me
heat me
cooled me
incubate me
acidify me
neutralize me
Again refrigerate.
after all I go through,
Nasty damned humans.

Funny! Came to my mind while sitting in the lab doing freeze drying. Hahax!

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