Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The rainy day that made me think so deep :)

Things I've learned:
You can't please everybody. At times, you have to be brave enough to say out, even it means you are going to loose your dear ones.
Keeping something in heart will just burden you, and wasting tears unnecessarily. Tell the person, if they care, they will talk to you. If they don't, stay away from them. You are not attached to anyone.
 Opportunity knocks only once. When you missed it. You really missed it.
Be greedy and selfish. The new trend. Think for yourself first. ( My moral taught me that; kepentingan diri melebihi kepentingan masing-masing)
Embrace positive energies. Take everything in a positive way.
When someone trying to pull you down, make you feel jealous,hatred and weak, just smile and ignore.You have something better to worry about. they failed in doing that.
Care for your loved ones. They may not be there all the time.
Spend most of your time with animals. They bring joy to your heart.
Have a friend who is good in listening. You need them always. And, you, in turn, be a good listener for her, too. 
Love Mother Nature. For all those walks that you went alone, with mind empty but heart full, Thank Her. 
Pray before sleep.
Thank Him for His everlasting love, precious lessons and advice. Thank Him for the beautiful day that he had let you spent, and for the beautiful day that He has set for you the next day.
Get blessings from your parents everyday. Give them a peck on the cheek. Show your love, before it is too late.
Trust everyone. When they loose your trust, just smile and get them off your 'highly respected and trusted' list. They don't deserve it.
Lastly, Live your life!


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