Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oh, Canada

Hand in hand,
walking lazily,
grains of sand
clutching to our toes

series of laughter ringing in the air
crabs of Winnipeg beach kept us company.

Stephen Avenue, we both enjoy
coffee dates,
lemon meringue pie-my favorite
cheesecake and brownies-yours?
long chat
coffee gone tepid

comes Sunday
Assiniboine Park
on a sunny afternoon.
Lotsa laughter,-
and little fights

Time spent with you

Unimaginably beautiful, unexplainably magical

Those moments
when we were in love,
in love.

where our love blossomed

Friday, November 16, 2012

I'm craving for sarees!!


I get a chance to meet Bombay Jayshree, I will ask her these questions:

How come you don't look like typical South Indian?You look like Indian diaspora.

And the most important question would be

 Seriously, maam, where you buy all your sarees? I just can't take my eyes off your sarees collection

Don't laugh at me. And I'm not insane. Just have a look at all these.

I can see three diff colors

Look at the broad unique border

vibrant color!


reminds me of vtv saree. a patthu version, nt cotton.

own the same pattern in green :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Its not about Vadivelu's comedy this time

I ain't a fan of Vadivelu. perhaps a fan of his voice. A husky voice. Rarely people blessed with such voice.

His singings do not awaken some spirituality like what Aruna Sairam or Nithyashree do magically, but sometimes you need a variety, right?

 Ah, I just crapped!