Thursday, January 31, 2013

Conversation on humanitarian

People who does charities will be bestowed by God.

This is what everyone believes,well what Hindus believes. I don't know the cogent reason, but I just know when I do it, instantly the whole day will be filled with weird feelings, mixed with happiness. Or, is that people call pure joy?

The Hindus love doing charity-thaanam, for the sake of getting something in return (approx 55% of them) (pardon me if I'm wrong). They do a lot, mostly money wise or food-'annathaanam'.

So, what am I trying to point out here?

Let me replay a conversation which I had with a few elder men.

Location : Thaneer panthal

Me: Oh my, look. There's a dog inside the panthal. People are eating. Some may not like pet. We should get him out of the panthal.

Friend 1 : ???????

Me: I bet he is here for food. It looks clean and well groomed. The owner might be looking for it. ( I should ask a male help to carry this dog)

Ignorant Male 1: Hi!

Me: HI! there's a dog here, in the panthel. We must bring him out of here (tuuki veliye udenoo)....(before I finish)

Ignorant male 1:  Go catch the dog and let it outside.(poi tuuki veliye udenghe)
                        -at this point, he was smiling at me. I should have punched his face!

Me: (I better ask someones help)

Me: Hi, I must let the dog outside, but I'm scared it might bite me. Can you assist me?

Good guy: sure.

Me: (gently touched the dog, he was friendly) carried outside. Let him there.

Few mins later....

Me: oh god , the dog is here again! I think we need to give him food. Put the food outside so that he won't come in again.

Good guy: there's paper plate. Go ahead.

Me: uncle, pls put some food.

Male jerk 1: no polystyrene allowed

Me: not polytsyrene.

Male jerk 1: there's silver plate. Use that. Why this plate?

Me: no, there's a dog there, It might be hungry. I want to give some food.

Male jerk 2: I thought for you. The dog can find its own food. (laughing)

Male jerk 1: Yeah, don't waste the plate and food. The dog can find its food. (laughing, joining Jerk 1)

Me: (Good, you've served the purpose of annathanam. Keep laughing jerks)

At the end of the day, they were happy, they've served all the people who came. But, they failed to feed one hungry mouth, which can't speak and ask for food.

All that happened between 1 girl and 4 men. Sad thing they doing these blindly. What's wrong giving just two spoonful of rice from a large bucket? People waste food. A plate full of rice, they can't finish it, they throw it.

Dogs don't eat vegetarian food.
In hunger, all dogs eat whatever they get. And they love ghee.

“Love is not patronizing and charity isn't about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same -- with charity you give love, so don't just give money but reach out your hand instead.” 
― Mother TeresaA Simple Path: Mother Teresa

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Painted house

Sept 1952,
dark hair-pulled back
big brown eyes,
dull chestnut dress with Latin accent
those words, that I don’t understand
that plays a song in my mind
ever since you start chattering away
your angelic smile, warms my cheek

school break
the season begins-cotton picking
the cotton was over our head,
we disappeared among the tall stems
into our small world,
with our own 10 years fairytale
Fun playing, resting near the barn,
watching Pappy’s laborer
drape sacks behind them
hands moving swiftly through stalks
tearing off the bolls

standing on top of Pappy’s trailer
surveying the field
an ocean of white snowflakes
blurring the world for a moment
bouncing on trailer, covered with snowy mounds
the season ended
school started
you left with your nomadic family
to earn in a new place
you left,
with a promise
You’ll meet me on the next cotton picking season

inspired by the painted house

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chemistry unleashed

Matter, atom, mass
Does that even matters  in our life?
A lesson I abhor, yet a precious nap I love!
It's all started with an atom
thus begins a never-ending relationship.
I realized fresh orange is liquid
orange juice is aqueous
Water is solvent, cocoa powder is solute
Together, its solution,
Add more cocoa powder, precipitation I'd see

Yet, no one tells me
why hydrogen and oxygen yields 2 water molecule
and not hydrogen peroxide?
'stop asking funny questions!' howled the teacher
convinced me periodic table would be fun.
Hail Geeky Mendeleev, I stand outside the lab
goddamn  Lanthanides and Actinides!

Oxidation and reduction taught me abundant
[O], gain oxygen, loss hydrogen
vice versa for [H]
if I gain a girlfriend, I'll lose all my money
If I dump them, my pocket becomes hefty

I agree anode and cathode are perfect soulmates.
Electrolysis had my full attention
I daydream plating everything
to gold, new era King Midas!

1,2-dibromoalkane, ethyl ethanoate,2-chlorobut-3-enoic acid
my head spinned,
I broke Liebig condenser,
Since that, distillation stamped clearly in mind.

I proposed the angel of my heart
'your presence intoxicates me like alcohol,
my heart gets volatile meeting your eyes,
Accept my love, the delicate you
and the rigid me becomes the strongest alloy'
She suggested barbiturate is the right medicine for me.

Two years putting up with Chemistry,
Here I am,
hallucinating in the exam hall.
Unbelievably, with God's grace,
I scored the goddamn Chemistry!!!

And that's because the chemistry I had with God!

(I've never wrote such lengthy poem before, I just scribbled, and looking at it now, I'm shocked actually)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

We, on that night.

I remember
that beautiful night
on the tall grass field
under a cupola of dancing stars
we lay there on our back.
Small giggles and laughter
seems so loud
breaking the screaming silent
reaching the dark purple sky
tinged with faint pink

Your mellifluous voice
humming in my ears
Your velvety hand,
As it touches my sun damaged skin
Did you felt it, like I did?
Blood burning beneath your skin?
Adrenaline rushes to spinal,
leaving you in stillness

Those moments
in the tall grass field
like a raindrop in the dessert
too beautiful,
too little,
and too quickly gone