Sunday, March 27, 2011

Me in saree, with the colour that I least loved.

Had an awesome dinner in a five star hotel. Yeap, cool! It was hockey dinner and the theme was black and white. Well, I hate black and I don't own a white colored clothes. There you go, now you see the advantage of having sisters??? I borrowed my sista's saree, without her knowledge..hahaha! So, this is how I looked on that day. And I received positive reviews...

kesa: u looked awesome yest...
*blushing ....hahahaha

Kesavarthani:Renuka, u looked awesome yesterday
Renuka:hahahah! thanks ka!
Kesavarthani:really, it was damn nice.i admired dat lot,but couldnt snap any pics 2gtr

Thila thulipz:yeah.. renuka.. wanted to tell u.. saw d pic..u plg cantik..
Thila thulipz:very homely n nice...

Comment 4:
Jeffrey Matthews: wow .... AWESOME renuka ..... ur looking like a model as always ...... ^^
I was on cloud nine!!! Thanks guys!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Friends are F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Four of us, good friends forever!

My class mates in degree. Cheerful picJ

Buka puasa in KFC, and to celebrate finishing a paper together (all of us were in a team)

 hahahaha! best pic ever! 4 of us, while busy doing online quiz. Managed to snap pic of our denim jeans. LOL

From above, Sharon, Renuka, Thilsath, Azeema! And that’s our accounting books!

Picture taken by zeema. While walking back to hostel after Our German language class. Sometimes, we walk leisurely after a tiring day, from Sollat back to Restu. Gossiping:P

These 3 friends have left so many memories for me. Sweet and bitter, both we’ve endured together . And the sweet memories surpassed the bitter ones. Three year have gone so fast, I regret the time moves fast, but never I regret for having them as my friends. Ice-cream at 12am, lunch at Subaidah, having crush on the same guy; and agreeing to share him! LOL, standing under tree when the leaves falls, stretch arms wide and stand in the rain when no one is watching, technology exhibition, test, quiz, assignment, lots to say.

 Hey girls,
We may be far apart, busy with our lives, but never will I forget you. May our friendship lasts forever. Thank you for being there when I need you!!
~A friend in need is a friend indeed~

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Long awaited wedding!

The Moment!
Yummy food!
The Radakrishnan siblings~
Beautiful bride
My awesome family! from left; 3rd sister, younger brother, mother, me, eldest sister and third sister.Trust me, I'm the youngest daughter in my family

Today is a big day for him. Looking smart in his white vesthi, there he comes to take away his bride. As Indian says 'Ammi mithithu arundhati paarthu'. A wonderful wedding, long awaited by us, the relatives. He is my aunt's son. A morning wedding in temple, attended by close relatives; It was joyous moment. First time I had the chance to see from so near! Again, I'm blessed. I felt nervous as the bridegroom ties the Thali. Getting into a whole lots of new world. And for a woman, that's the beginning of her life. And for us, the cousins, we had such fun getting ready looking pretty. Check out the pics!