Saturday, April 16, 2011


உன் இடையழகைப் பார்த்து 

தாமரை தண்டுகள் ஏங்கியது, 

இந்த பூக்களை தாங்கும் 
வரம் நமக்கு இல்லையே என்று.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I tried running away, but to no avail

 All of a sudden, I felt like running away from my life. From my studies, family, friends,... everything. I had no big problems, but my heart said that I need a break. So what I did was: took necessary items, walked from my hostel to HEPP ( it's a student council building located on a hilly area, and you can a get very beautiful view of the sea.), and sat on the grass to sort out some things, which I didn't.
I took out my camera, and started clicking. Seriously, I ain't photographer, but snapping pictures of the scenery, and the noise-free area, made me feel a bit relieved.

I found Love-birds :)

 It was just after rain. The grass was still wet. I removed my ballet shoe. The chillness rushes through my veins. Like a reflexology!
 That bag is a gift from a friend. Love pairing it with my all-white salwar!!! Beautiful!