Monday, April 29, 2013

Hepburn and I have slightly different character

Is it true? Catherine Hepburn did not follow the rules, and she had all the fun.

I obeyed the teachers
extra attention, extra love and extra care I get
My life was fun!

I obeyed my parents
they trust me
I was not questioned on my decisions

I obeyed the general rule
not to befriend males in teen age
I had all the fun in the world
No heart ache, no sorrow, no depression
All I remember was
break time, athletic club, friends jokes, pimples, messy hair

I obey the rule to respect elders
I was fondly remembered as the obedient girl
They treat me like important person
It was fun!

I obey the traffic rules
zero summons, free-accidents
I"m alive and happy
It is more than fun!!

So, tell me, did I miss out any fun???

Maybe Hepburn trying to say about disobey some particular rules (which I couldn't figure out, the scope is  humongous), but I believe I had all the fun, and I'm still having fun!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"Karma reverberates"

Karma, Karma, Karma....
I'm inviting more problems by having this topic to ramble.

Having to surf the net everyday, I come across this quote almost daily. One invent this quote, the other came up with a pictured words, and voila, friends start sharing. (I'm not fulminating anyone; just a general opinion).

When one shares this (below pic), it is palpably clear that they are trying to be mean and hinting on others.
 People share it, oblivious of the real meaning of Karma. Your friend did something to you, you hate your friend, there you go, share this. Being sarcastic by sharing this, well, you just got a point for bad Karma.

The meaning is correct, but it is biased; and obnoxious.

First thing everyone should know.There is bad Karma and Good Karma. This, I say because Karma is law of moral causation.Karma is the result of our own past actions and our own present doings. We are responsible for our own happiness and misery. Do good, you create your own Heaven, do bad, you know where you'll end up. 
I can bravely claim that we are the architects of our own fate.

 One should know the realm of love, to let go ego, and learn forgiveness. None of us are perfect. Karma ONLY hits you if you do bad.

This is one of the meanest sentence. It's not a quote, please. And, why do people always have to show anger by slapping? You reap what you sow. people share this funny word. I was wondering. Actually, the person who share this must be the one slapped by Karma. It must hit them hard. They never realise their Karma just 'devoured' them and start hoping for others to get hit as well.

As far as I know, and I've felt, Karma is just angelic. I had my bad moments, too. I have endured many pain and hurting situations in life. Don't blame anyone, not even Karma. How I handle it? (I'm not good at it). I take it as a situation created by God, because in hard situations, we tend to think of Him more. I become too busy and too indulged in work and materialistic life that I spent less time for God. And, this situation is just a temporary one, on and off comes to remind me of His presence. I shall seek for His lotus feet  :D

And, I agree. I face problems when my spirituality is low.

Not again.

And, don't forget about animals. Be kind to animals, even if you don't like furry animals. Animals listen when you talk, you know. An interesting fact. 
Just say 'Hi', they may not understand, but hey, who knows, you might have made them happy?
Animals have heart with feelings, just like humans. They can show pure love. Hatred has never existed in their dictionary. God is truly great for such a creation.
Dogs bark at you not because of hatred, but to protect his owner and himself. Don't get the idea wrong.
So stop throwing sticks and rocks at them. Don't scare them by throwing firecrackers on them.
I really hope Karma for ill-treating animals should be 10 points more.  

Back to humans. The preaching by Buddha. 

A short story. 
Once a  young man approached Buddha and asked regarding this intricate problem of inequality:

"What is the cause, what is the reason, that we find amongst mankind the short-lived and long-lived, the healthy and the diseased, the ugly and beautiful, those lacking influence and the powerful, the poor and the rich, the low-born and the high-born, and the ignorant and the wise?"

The Buddha’s reply was:

"All living beings have actions (Karma) as their own, their inheritance, their congenital cause, their kinsman, their refuge. It is Karma that differentiates beings into low and high states."

This picture gives meaning to' what goes around comes around',  not Karma. It depicts Karma in a bad way.

And with this precious, valuable quote; I'm signing off.

I now gained good Karma by discussing this topic. Please don't curse me and hold grudge. You gonna gain one point for bad karma :)
Have a blessed day ahead!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A victim

Cigarette smokes

replacing the fluids in my lung

Shots of Tequila swirls ‘round inside my head

Beetles blaring 

inside my ears

words become slurry

Lost in world of ecstasy.

They bought me

couple of drinks

none bothered 

my sorrow

They whisper something.

something my mind

hesitates to interpret.

My mind full of him

the pill is duff.

He still exist.

like the smell of wine, wafting in the air, getting into my breath

like a drug, injected into my arm, getting into my blood

filling my head and thoughts.

He is everywhere.

My screams can’t be heard.

My sorrow can’t be felt.

My scars can’t be seen.

I am, but,

A victim of you.

I spent more time blogging after deactivating my Facebook account. kudos to Renuka

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What Love is?

You must be completely au fait with this verb.

One who is in the first stage would describe it in the most flowery words they could find; one with broken heart would say it’s one of a hell; one who married in the base of love calls it inexistence. I don’t blame them or their situations. You love them, then you hate them for a while, love them back, even more this time. Love them. Hate them. Love them. Hate them. 

Why do people say love just happens. ‘I mean it just happens, I saw him on the monorail, and it struck me he is the one’. How is this possible? What if he is a married man, with three kids? or a drug dealer? Of course, I’ve heard people who are married with their love at first sight, but I say that is very rare situation to take place; by God’s grace.

Love happens for a reason. There must be a reason for everything. The person must have the criterias that pulls you like magnet. That what they possess impress you. You love them for a reason; reason for who they are, or what they’ve promised to you.

A contagious smile, sparks/ twinkle in the eye, butterflies in stomach, sheer kindness, pure thoughts…everything looks beautiful. Euphoria. First sign of love. Love takes time to grow. Till one starts finding faults, despise each other, realizing having a different thinking, and so, and so. Having qualm it was Mr/ Ms. Wrong.

What love is? Love also brings heart ache.
After some time you feel heartbroken, this may be they broke the promise, or no longer who they are. No more those sweet moments. Euphoria fades after maximum one year. You might feel like getting out of the relationship, choosing not to endure more pain. Why this happens? How can one who was so madly in love start fighting like cats and dogs? They blow a gasket for small issues. Your loved was not meeting your expectations. They were no longer what they used to be. This is where everything starts.

How you show your love?
You tolerate each other. Love is not just about kissing, caressing, hugging, clutching hands all the time.You start liking whatever your loved one likes. You start to love whatever they love to do. You do something which will bring happiness to him. You avoid doing something because he doesn't like it. You feel happy when the person you love is all smiley and grateful for what you do for him. In return, you expect them to be so, do so. It’s not wrong to expect things; you expect it because it tells you; by him doing so, he also showing his love to you. This is not sacrifice, you do it voluntarily; just for love. What mattered to you most was happiness of your partner more than your own. Once again, love and care.

You get attracted to countless but to one you fall in love. Why was the one? Because that is the one who did meet your expectation: what type of person you love, be it physically, mentally or emotionally. The reason why you fell for him.  Well, physical attracts first, but within minutes, the heart will decide based on behavior and character. You can like many people, many, without reasons, but you cannot love someone without a reason.  

Why this person and not the other one? Find the reason, there should be one. It may be the care that feel, or treat you importantly, making you feel needed. It maybe the comfort and sense of belonging you feel with them. It makes you feel like a shield of protection layer, always ready to guard you. It may be of the heart with sheer kindness that you love. The smell, the touch, the spark, the kiss…whatever you feel, that you never want to fell with anyone else. You can’t imagine someone else replace his place. In a nutshell, it lit up your world.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The lab accident!

I have this very very bad attitude. I always take things simple.
When people say it's dangerous, I always have the thought that it will not happen to me or God will not let it happen to me.
This one incident had taught me a very unforgettable lesson.

Everyone wears lab coat in laboratory. I hate wearing it as it is very hot, plus the lab assistant will not be around most of the time. Thinking it's very okay to not to wear coat as the lab is just a biotech lab. A friend of mine used COD heater. She had ammonia in the vial with COD reagent. The COD machine was an old one and I've never seen anyone using it before. She switched on and went away. I was sitting opposite bench of the machine.


The COD explode and black smoke was released and get directly into my eyes and mouth. It was so quick, one tenth of a second, I would say. Everything was so fast, I couldn't avoid it. With one eye still can see, I run to nearest tap and start washing my eyes and mouth. My friends were terrified. I really really prayed it was not ammonia at that moment.

And I realised my vision was grey. Slightly blur. The thought of my dog came into my mind. Ammu lost both her vision. I felt how it would have felt. It can't express the feeling. I almost cried.
Again, after washing and washing, it was better.
Rushing to clinic with my friend, all the doctor could do was eye irrigation with saline water. She was a new doctor, I can see from the way she attended me. It was much much much better. My vision was normal.

The doctor checked again and said there is a small dot on my pupil and there may be small damages on my eye and I was referred to General Hospital. I started crying, thought it was a severe case.

I called my sister  and mother to fetch me to GH. No matter how many people comes with you, only a family member can make you feel better and more secure. And, of course it was more better when I saw Garuda Bhagavan on the way to the hospital. Can anything happen beyond His power?

In the emergency room, after some test, the doctor confirmed no scar on the pupil and I can go home,get some rest. My mother start advising on being more careful.

Till now, I feel it's like a dream, I couldn't believe it happened to me. But I learned the painful lesson. Anything can happen to anyone at anytime, anywhere. So, be cautious wherever you are. FOLLOW THE RULES! You don't wanna hurt your loved ones.

Have a blessed Tuesday!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Promise

I cannot promise you that
I will not change
I cannot promise you that
I will not have many different moods
I cannot promise you that
I will not hurt your feelings sometimes
I cannot promise you that
I will not be erratic
I cannot promise you that
I will always be strong
I cannot promise you that
my faults will not show
But -
I do promise you that
I will always be supportive of you
I do promise you that
I will share all my thoughts
and feelings with you
I do promise you that
I will give you freedom to be yourself
I do promise you that
I will understand everything that you do
I do promise you that
I will be completely honest with you
I do promise you that
I will laugh and cry with you
I do promise you that
I will help you achieve all your goals
But -
most of all
I do promise you that
I will love you

      -Poem by Susan Polis Schutz

I first saw this poem on a mug, at a friends' house. And then, as usual, I 'googled' with some fragments of word that I remember.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Now I know.
Dogs are to guard house. That’s what ‘they’ claimed. Spending two weeks with someone who don’t cuddle furry animals but keeping them for guarding is pathetic. They complain all the time. I mean all the time.
What’s wrong showing love and care to them? Trust me, they are a true companion. Hit them for drinking your coffee, the very next second, they’ll be under your feet, licking for your love. And then again drink the coffee. This time, your heart would’ve been melted enough with pure raw love; you won’t lift your hand to smack them but just sit there, smiling, watching them. I do.
She never nag but she feels disgust that we actually kiss and hug Ammu. She keeps mentioning it every day, and thank God I don’t give a damn because my dad have said ‘my sisters are all nyanyuk, don’t listen to their nags’.
I’m spending my nights in your house because you are alone for two weeks and you complain about my pet?
This issue isn’t really bothering me because whenever it annoys me, anyway I would reward my dogs a small nap on the bed, yes, on the bed; some teddy bear- chewing fun game. My sister told me not to do so, hmmm maybe I’ll stop after few days. I’m not revenging, no I don’t do that, especially to old people. It’s just fun being timid and naughty; being 13 again.
So, anyone out here want to nag about my pet???

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Even if...

Even if the rainbow
Never visible to paint the sky
Even if the fireflies
Lost its luminous glow
Even if the stars
Stopped glimmering at night

It doesn't matter.

For I have looked into your eyes
And so, I have seen, all there is to see.

Even if the stream
Stopped bellowing along the way
Even if the crickets
Stopped chirping melodiously at night
Even if the gusty breeze
Stopped whistling inside my ears

It doesn't matter.

For I have heard your voice
And so, I have heard, all there is to hear.

Even if the rain
Stopped quenching my thirst
Even if the dry autumn leaves
Stopped caressing over me
Even if the sun beam
Stopped warming my skin

It doesn't matter.

For I have held you in my arms
And so, I have felt, all there is to feel.

Even if roses and jasmines
Lost its pleasuring fragrant
Even if my small world
Scattered into million pieces
Even if my heart
Stopped beating forever

It doesn't matter.

For I have loved you with all my heart
And so, I have accomplished, all that I ever wanted.