Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What Love is?

You must be completely au fait with this verb.

One who is in the first stage would describe it in the most flowery words they could find; one with broken heart would say it’s one of a hell; one who married in the base of love calls it inexistence. I don’t blame them or their situations. You love them, then you hate them for a while, love them back, even more this time. Love them. Hate them. Love them. Hate them. 

Why do people say love just happens. ‘I mean it just happens, I saw him on the monorail, and it struck me he is the one’. How is this possible? What if he is a married man, with three kids? or a drug dealer? Of course, I’ve heard people who are married with their love at first sight, but I say that is very rare situation to take place; by God’s grace.

Love happens for a reason. There must be a reason for everything. The person must have the criterias that pulls you like magnet. That what they possess impress you. You love them for a reason; reason for who they are, or what they’ve promised to you.

A contagious smile, sparks/ twinkle in the eye, butterflies in stomach, sheer kindness, pure thoughts…everything looks beautiful. Euphoria. First sign of love. Love takes time to grow. Till one starts finding faults, despise each other, realizing having a different thinking, and so, and so. Having qualm it was Mr/ Ms. Wrong.

What love is? Love also brings heart ache.
After some time you feel heartbroken, this may be they broke the promise, or no longer who they are. No more those sweet moments. Euphoria fades after maximum one year. You might feel like getting out of the relationship, choosing not to endure more pain. Why this happens? How can one who was so madly in love start fighting like cats and dogs? They blow a gasket for small issues. Your loved was not meeting your expectations. They were no longer what they used to be. This is where everything starts.

How you show your love?
You tolerate each other. Love is not just about kissing, caressing, hugging, clutching hands all the time.You start liking whatever your loved one likes. You start to love whatever they love to do. You do something which will bring happiness to him. You avoid doing something because he doesn't like it. You feel happy when the person you love is all smiley and grateful for what you do for him. In return, you expect them to be so, do so. It’s not wrong to expect things; you expect it because it tells you; by him doing so, he also showing his love to you. This is not sacrifice, you do it voluntarily; just for love. What mattered to you most was happiness of your partner more than your own. Once again, love and care.

You get attracted to countless but to one you fall in love. Why was the one? Because that is the one who did meet your expectation: what type of person you love, be it physically, mentally or emotionally. The reason why you fell for him.  Well, physical attracts first, but within minutes, the heart will decide based on behavior and character. You can like many people, many, without reasons, but you cannot love someone without a reason.  

Why this person and not the other one? Find the reason, there should be one. It may be the care that feel, or treat you importantly, making you feel needed. It maybe the comfort and sense of belonging you feel with them. It makes you feel like a shield of protection layer, always ready to guard you. It may be of the heart with sheer kindness that you love. The smell, the touch, the spark, the kiss…whatever you feel, that you never want to fell with anyone else. You can’t imagine someone else replace his place. In a nutshell, it lit up your world.

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