Thursday, April 18, 2013

A victim

Cigarette smokes

replacing the fluids in my lung

Shots of Tequila swirls ‘round inside my head

Beetles blaring 

inside my ears

words become slurry

Lost in world of ecstasy.

They bought me

couple of drinks

none bothered 

my sorrow

They whisper something.

something my mind

hesitates to interpret.

My mind full of him

the pill is duff.

He still exist.

like the smell of wine, wafting in the air, getting into my breath

like a drug, injected into my arm, getting into my blood

filling my head and thoughts.

He is everywhere.

My screams can’t be heard.

My sorrow can’t be felt.

My scars can’t be seen.

I am, but,

A victim of you.

I spent more time blogging after deactivating my Facebook account. kudos to Renuka

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