Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The lab accident!

I have this very very bad attitude. I always take things simple.
When people say it's dangerous, I always have the thought that it will not happen to me or God will not let it happen to me.
This one incident had taught me a very unforgettable lesson.

Everyone wears lab coat in laboratory. I hate wearing it as it is very hot, plus the lab assistant will not be around most of the time. Thinking it's very okay to not to wear coat as the lab is just a biotech lab. A friend of mine used COD heater. She had ammonia in the vial with COD reagent. The COD machine was an old one and I've never seen anyone using it before. She switched on and went away. I was sitting opposite bench of the machine.


The COD explode and black smoke was released and get directly into my eyes and mouth. It was so quick, one tenth of a second, I would say. Everything was so fast, I couldn't avoid it. With one eye still can see, I run to nearest tap and start washing my eyes and mouth. My friends were terrified. I really really prayed it was not ammonia at that moment.

And I realised my vision was grey. Slightly blur. The thought of my dog came into my mind. Ammu lost both her vision. I felt how it would have felt. It can't express the feeling. I almost cried.
Again, after washing and washing, it was better.
Rushing to clinic with my friend, all the doctor could do was eye irrigation with saline water. She was a new doctor, I can see from the way she attended me. It was much much much better. My vision was normal.

The doctor checked again and said there is a small dot on my pupil and there may be small damages on my eye and I was referred to General Hospital. I started crying, thought it was a severe case.

I called my sister  and mother to fetch me to GH. No matter how many people comes with you, only a family member can make you feel better and more secure. And, of course it was more better when I saw Garuda Bhagavan on the way to the hospital. Can anything happen beyond His power?

In the emergency room, after some test, the doctor confirmed no scar on the pupil and I can go home,get some rest. My mother start advising on being more careful.

Till now, I feel it's like a dream, I couldn't believe it happened to me. But I learned the painful lesson. Anything can happen to anyone at anytime, anywhere. So, be cautious wherever you are. FOLLOW THE RULES! You don't wanna hurt your loved ones.

Have a blessed Tuesday!

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