Thursday, June 20, 2013

10 Benefits of being short?

This has been circulating in the net for quite a while, I find it amusing, and disturbing at the same time (for tall girls). Well, it do not condemn tall girls, but anyhow it affects us when we read it.

Short girls, I know it's annoying when people always give remarks like,' oh, is she 22? I thought she's a high school kid'; 'she's short like her grandma', and also callings like 'Hei Shorty' and so.

But coming up with all these weird benefits makes others laugh even more, I daresay. I wondered how can people actually think so hard to come up with this. If you read properly, you find that num 2,3,4, and 10 are somewhat criticizing the opposite height.

Tall girls have their benefits, too, AND tall girls also do get remarks, like' Whoa, you're so tall'- and this is worse if it comes from a guy.

Slowly, you get tired with all this height thingy, and you woke up one day, totally not caring about height issues anymore. Be you. and love yourself.

I used to hunch myself to make me look shorter, and then I get too tired walking so. Now, with 5 feet 9 inches, I do not bother remarks I get when I wear 2 inch heels for some functions. Just 2 inches.

Some say model, some suggest becoming air stewardess, the rest: 'you're tall enuf, and why are you wearing heels?'. There is Yin and Yang, everywhere.

Be happy if you're short. It doesn't matter; for me :)