Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Even if...

Even if the rainbow
Never visible to paint the sky
Even if the fireflies
Lost its luminous glow
Even if the stars
Stopped glimmering at night

It doesn't matter.

For I have looked into your eyes
And so, I have seen, all there is to see.

Even if the stream
Stopped bellowing along the way
Even if the crickets
Stopped chirping melodiously at night
Even if the gusty breeze
Stopped whistling inside my ears

It doesn't matter.

For I have heard your voice
And so, I have heard, all there is to hear.

Even if the rain
Stopped quenching my thirst
Even if the dry autumn leaves
Stopped caressing over me
Even if the sun beam
Stopped warming my skin

It doesn't matter.

For I have held you in my arms
And so, I have felt, all there is to feel.

Even if roses and jasmines
Lost its pleasuring fragrant
Even if my small world
Scattered into million pieces
Even if my heart
Stopped beating forever

It doesn't matter.

For I have loved you with all my heart
And so, I have accomplished, all that I ever wanted.

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