Monday, April 29, 2013

Hepburn and I have slightly different character

Is it true? Catherine Hepburn did not follow the rules, and she had all the fun.

I obeyed the teachers
extra attention, extra love and extra care I get
My life was fun!

I obeyed my parents
they trust me
I was not questioned on my decisions

I obeyed the general rule
not to befriend males in teen age
I had all the fun in the world
No heart ache, no sorrow, no depression
All I remember was
break time, athletic club, friends jokes, pimples, messy hair

I obey the rule to respect elders
I was fondly remembered as the obedient girl
They treat me like important person
It was fun!

I obey the traffic rules
zero summons, free-accidents
I"m alive and happy
It is more than fun!!

So, tell me, did I miss out any fun???

Maybe Hepburn trying to say about disobey some particular rules (which I couldn't figure out, the scope is  humongous), but I believe I had all the fun, and I'm still having fun!!

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