Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Long awaited wedding!

The Moment!
Yummy food!
The Radakrishnan siblings~
Beautiful bride
My awesome family! from left; 3rd sister, younger brother, mother, me, eldest sister and third sister.Trust me, I'm the youngest daughter in my family

Today is a big day for him. Looking smart in his white vesthi, there he comes to take away his bride. As Indian says 'Ammi mithithu arundhati paarthu'. A wonderful wedding, long awaited by us, the relatives. He is my aunt's son. A morning wedding in temple, attended by close relatives; It was joyous moment. First time I had the chance to see from so near! Again, I'm blessed. I felt nervous as the bridegroom ties the Thali. Getting into a whole lots of new world. And for a woman, that's the beginning of her life. And for us, the cousins, we had such fun getting ready looking pretty. Check out the pics!

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