Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chemistry unleashed

Matter, atom, mass
Does that even matters  in our life?
A lesson I abhor, yet a precious nap I love!
It's all started with an atom
thus begins a never-ending relationship.
I realized fresh orange is liquid
orange juice is aqueous
Water is solvent, cocoa powder is solute
Together, its solution,
Add more cocoa powder, precipitation I'd see

Yet, no one tells me
why hydrogen and oxygen yields 2 water molecule
and not hydrogen peroxide?
'stop asking funny questions!' howled the teacher
convinced me periodic table would be fun.
Hail Geeky Mendeleev, I stand outside the lab
goddamn  Lanthanides and Actinides!

Oxidation and reduction taught me abundant
[O], gain oxygen, loss hydrogen
vice versa for [H]
if I gain a girlfriend, I'll lose all my money
If I dump them, my pocket becomes hefty

I agree anode and cathode are perfect soulmates.
Electrolysis had my full attention
I daydream plating everything
to gold, new era King Midas!

1,2-dibromoalkane, ethyl ethanoate,2-chlorobut-3-enoic acid
my head spinned,
I broke Liebig condenser,
Since that, distillation stamped clearly in mind.

I proposed the angel of my heart
'your presence intoxicates me like alcohol,
my heart gets volatile meeting your eyes,
Accept my love, the delicate you
and the rigid me becomes the strongest alloy'
She suggested barbiturate is the right medicine for me.

Two years putting up with Chemistry,
Here I am,
hallucinating in the exam hall.
Unbelievably, with God's grace,
I scored the goddamn Chemistry!!!

And that's because the chemistry I had with God!

(I've never wrote such lengthy poem before, I just scribbled, and looking at it now, I'm shocked actually)

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