Wednesday, August 15, 2012

34 things about me

Don't laugh at the picture. I'm creative :)

·         I drive car barefooted
·         As a kid, I was perfectionist: I iron the wrinkled edges of my blanket before I use it every night :P
·         I’ll start to yawn and feel sleepy as soon I enter shopping complexes. Not a shopaholic, believe me.
·         My favourite colour is yellow; because blue, pink, and purple are common favourites.
·         Black is strictly no on auspicious occasions. My rule.
·         Star gazing, jungle trekking, and hiking-I’m ready for it everyday.
·         Dogs are cure for all depression, I trust.
·         I can go out without make up but never without hand watch and water bottle.
·         I get choked by fishbone when I was 5. Since then, I’ve never ate fish.
·         I still ask for my mother’s permission to go for a movie.
·         I’m a Saivite yet I pray to Lord Vishnu.
·         I’m so used to healthy home-cooked food till my stomach can’t accept outside food. Often, being food-poisoned.
·         My dad calls me scientist.
·         I get excited whenever I pass through tunnels.
·         Shopping for me always done by my mother and sisters.
·         Collecting stamps was my childhood hobby. I’m a proud owner of a stamp book ;full of foreign stamps J
·         Sometimes, I share my secrets with my dog. I think she can understand what I’m saying. Humans can never be trusted.
·         A perfect exercise for my mind: SUDOKU!
·         I’m racist, only to racists.
·         I had my head shaved bald when I was 19. Yea, you heard me.
·         My body is immune to coffee. I can still sleep after drinking coffee.
·         Tiger biscuits make me stay awake at night.
·         I still feel as though I’m in a dream since my Form 4. I couldn’t believe how screwed my life is!
·         I’ve tried, I can never concentrate in class.
·         I was bitten by a cat when I was 4. And, I’ve hated all cats.
·         My brother calls me Rules Renuka because I follow all rules.
·         My shoe size is 9. I have problem with that especially being born in Asian country with European size.
·         The first time I tasted KFC when I was 13. And I’m glad my taste bud didn’t get addicted to the food.
·         I read novels not to sound romantic (ppl think so). I read to learn new words and use it. More like a hobby.
·         I can never make a decision; if I made one, I’ll regret thinking it was a wrong choice ( Just regret for few mins, then I’ll console myself)
·         A short distance runner and played netball when I was in school bench.
·         An ardent fan of Vairamuthu.  Lyricist Thamarai is making her way to win my heart soon 
·         I’ve been keeping Tiger Woods picture in my wallet since 14. First crush, they call it.
·        24 hours time format was never invented for me. I always have to calculate manually to know the time.

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