Tuesday, July 17, 2012



© Anup B Deen

As I gaze at the sky when it rains 
As blood flows through my veins 
I wonder what makes life so auspicious 
inspite of the whole world being so malicious 

My dear rain...
As you pour down with all your might 
When will you come to me as my guiding light?
When will you wash my heart ? 
When will you quench my thirst ?
When will you show me something thats unrehearsed ? 

I protect myself when you arrive..
in my desire to survive..
but that does that mean I dont love you? 
does that mean I despise you?

Once you leave , the sun will shine 
leaving behind your marks which is way too divine.. 
Your tears and pure and plain.. 
Mine are salty and filled with pain.. 
When will you immerse mine in yours ? 
When will you guide me with your sail and take me to the shores ? 

Took this poem from the net, 

well illustrated on his feelings..

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