Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rain on me...

leisuring by the window,
on a rainy day,
mesmerized by God’s creation.

soul soothing songs on your headset,
filling your heart completely,
competing with the sound of rain outside.

musculared trees,
standing still,
year long,
refuse to move,
waves at you,
by strong wind gush.

darling flower buds getting drenched,
in drops of heavy rain,
as though purifying them.

wanna be those bud.
raindrops dancing on my lip,
adhere to skin,
showering me.

To feel,
drenching wholely
penetrating calmly
and freedom.
releasing heart from all troubles

Clear blue sky,
 clothed with colourful rainbow,
sound of rain getting low,
birds chirping,
out from nest.

Slowly, blessing of God has stopped.

Renuka Radakrishnan

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