Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Aiming, not resolution

It's 2011, marking my 23 years of living this beautiful life. I've never achieved something to be woo-hooed. I'm single to be honest. I'm introvert, lazy (but i'll finish my task on time!). Precisely, there's many to say about me, but I am definitely happy and contented with my life. I don't need to be famous, to be well known or rich. I just want to have a simple and happy life, living in a small cosy house, a prayer room, a BIGGG kitchen equipped with all cooking utensils,with a garden at front yard for gardening and for my puppy to play around, a mango tree with small swing tied to the branch, and a not-so-stressful work. (I'm asking a lot, nah?) With neither-thin-nor-fat figure, (:P). Marriage is not the main in my list but planning to adopt a kid. Oh, and all this is not my new year resolution. It's just my future planning. Wishing for all these will not bring me anywhere. I just realised few days back. And I'm going to make sure I will accomplish my goals!!

(Writing it somewhere will remind you of all that you want , reading it will make you accomplish your dream, so I'm writing it here)

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