Tuesday, February 15, 2011

On this day

by Pravs.
Crush: When you like a person and you know why.
Love: When you like a person and you don't know why.

A survey by Pravs
What are the most beautiful words a boy can say to girl he loves on Valentine Day?
Boy to Girl: "The next girl i will ever love will be our daughter."- 60 ppl like
marry me for sure our babies would be cutest :P- 5 ppl
A simple "I Love You" while holding her in your arms can turn the world around for her.-16ppl
i will love you more than Mubarak loved his chair-15ppl
♥ " You make me want to be a better man.” ♥- 6 ppl
I think that all those big words are way too exaggerated. A moment of an eye contact and a passionated kiss say more than 1000 words. Words can lie. Eyes don't. :)-7 ppl
If you really love her and she knows you do....one need not say anything special just because it is Valentine's.....everyday is Valentines for people who love each other truly..-8ppl
‎" No matter what happens I will always stand by your side whenever you need me "!!-5ppl
can I hold your hand for another lifetime...?-5ppl
‎'i wanna grow old with you..no matter how much you gain weight after giving birth to our children..no matter how much wrinkles u'll have in ur early 50.'-1ppl
your pretty face reminds me of a beautiful morning ...and i want to see that face everyday of my life!!-2ppl
aint no sunshine when ur gone so plz come into my world n light my fire!!-1ppl
you are not the only one i love but you are the best one-1ppl
Can I keep you forever...-1ppl
Do you believe in Love at first sight or should I walk by again?-3ppl

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