Thursday, October 27, 2011

victory of good over evil

Referring to the post, what comes to your mind reading it?
Deepavali mode activated.
There is always a story behind every celebration. I don’t want you to say “Oh gosh’ here comes the same ‘copy-paste’ of Diwali ‘s history”.
Let me instead show our Diwali celebration this year.

Yes, Deepavali means ‘festival of lights’. What a celebration without lights? World getting advanced, so do the decos….. Isn’t it beautiful???

…and, of course, with rangoli kolam. Adds more color!

traditional cookies. No, no, she is not in a chemical lab. It’s just that she don’t want her face to be oily as Diwali was just around the corner  :P

New clothes, with new trends. Seriously, we haven’t change our habit. Last minute shopping. Prince Satchi looks macho. Btw, It takes a real man to wear pink!!

Wake up!! Oil bath, prayers. cleanse our inner and outer.

celebrate the auspicious day with family and friends!!!

and with dearest ones =)

I saved this puppy on the morning of Diwali. Mom scolded for she thinks it as ‘bad luck’. But, we don’t think so. We name it Dipali!! She was sleeping the whole day, an idiot motorist banged her L

Lastly, my own deco inside the house. Received positive reviews from everyone!

not to forget firecrackers!!!!


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