Friday, March 29, 2013

The heart would like to spill some emotions

Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while, so that we can see Life with a clearer view again.

Yes, I agree with above anonymous quote. You will agree with me when life throws you such a situation whereby you're stucked, gloomy with all feelings mixed up; anger, frust, depression. At this point, you can only cry and move on, let the situation alone. You will hurt, but you will eventually heal. Giving time some time, lying to one's self that you will be fine in His arm.

And it's horrifying to see that I actually let these situations mess up my entire life. 
Things do not mess up, it's people who does that. We gave them enough bullets, being subservient, giving too much space in our life. Our vulnerability were taken advantage; be it purposely or accidentally. 
You loose your character, the real you, obsequiously making them happy. Fear uproots, bridges burnt, leading us to build humongous wall, shielding our self from more pain. 

Most of the time, our close ones will pull the trigger purposely. They know you very well and how much it can hurt you, but they will do it; thinking 'alah, dis girl oni, she wil be okay wan'. And, you, on the other, can't take it, end up hating them and hurting yourself. It always happen.

If they treat you as important as how you treat them, chances are they will understand your pain. If not just forget it. Your plea fall on deaf ears.

We make mistakes. Its okay. Life need to be adventurous, not masterpiece.
Make mistakes, learn from it. Laugh at your mistakes. But repeating the same mistakes again and again, not something to be laughed. It's...maybe idiotic?

It's disheartening after so much of talking, discussing, whatever u name it, they still do that.
Yes, the right term is Selfish and Ignorance. Let them be. 

Sometimes, you really hope someone will banish you to a place where you are stranger. Complete stranger.

Let me explain my feelings: infuriated, hurt, teary, frustrated, betrayed, used, disparage (tempestuous, in general)

A feeling outpouring on a bad Friday.

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