Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hike, shall we?

Look what I am doing!!!! Do you know how tiring it was? nah, actually I’m overreacting.It wasn’t steep.

So, here’s the story. We went to Pantai Kerachut,no, Monkey Beach, oh no wait, Taman Perhilitan. We never reach Pantai Kerachut, just till Monkey Beach ( don’t question the name of the beach, kay). Five of us, well one missing. He was the photographer! So many things for our hiking and picnic!

Ready to hike!!

This picture is awesome. Looks like a banner for some Hollywood tv serial! :P

Nature is beautiful. Can you see the crystal clear water flowing? Thought of drinking the water, but lets not take risk. Let me tell you, if I accidentally put a step behind, I will fall down! YES,  like a hollow abyss.

Beautiful, calm sea. Serene. The waves, as though it has been aligned to hit the shore leisurely at a same pace. Looking at this pic, who would ever thought this very same calm sea can be so aggressive till it destroy half a city?

And that girl with spectacles, she never told us she have low bp. Imagine, in the middle of the forest, she sat down and saying it. No signal, no medicine, no one except five of us. Pheww, thank God nothing happened.

Finally this is how we looked like after soaking and hiking..

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