Thursday, August 26, 2010

My color!

My canvas of imagination,
is black and white,
for I,
could not add colors,
as my colors are not there,

My colors,

I'm waiting for you,
I've waited long enough,
The world is small, but why haven't I found you?

My colors,

add some colors in my life,
add some spices in my life,
add some happiness in my life,
add some joy in my life,
I shall share it with you!

My colors,
add some difficult moments in my life,
add some problems in my life,
add some sorrow in my life,
I will overcome all these,
for I have you as my pillar of strength!

My colors,

You're the only one that I've been waiting for,
Splash your colors on my canvas!
and make me LIVELY!

(i think the ending sounds weird)

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