Monday, March 12, 2012

Stages of Love

This is the first symptom

When the love dose is too high :P


With  time passes, and less love,more fight, unabating ego  comes this

                                   After much tolerate, till tolerate itself can't tolerate, they become philosopher


          After some time, they start preaching others about love. Well, not on the good, but on the side effect

6 months later...... this would be their mantra.

I don't know what I should the title be. Don't question on this entry, either. I know what I've posted but I've no idea why. Well, saw some pics separately which relates, so just tried. I should have tried better on the captions. My brain is not cooperating with my heart at the moments, so just forget it.
This is not my area, not my specialisation, too. I should get back to twitter and stalk the celebs..suits myself more.

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