Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pandas, just like us!

Found an album full of panda activities. I giggled and laughed all through the pics.

And again, we can learn many things from them. One of it, Love.

They are behaving funny and weird, just like humans, LOL!!

Finally, watching and doing this,  I'm finally getting a break from a messy thing called- Life!

Can anyone help me? I'm stucked

om nom nom nom, this is tasty

I like to move it, move it

Let's see who can finish it first!!


 This one feels smooth and better to lie on!


(I love this pic!)

I'm fine, I'm fine....Any girls looking at me? *blush*

rock-a-by baby..on the tree top.....

Ok dad, the new house fits us perfectly

Oh, don't bother me, I'm trying to camouflage

 Watcha looking at? No share-share

 Damn, you tasteless bark!

Do spread love!!

Finally, Have a blessed weekend folks!!

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