Thursday, August 15, 2013

Food for thought-the mid 20s crisis

Reaching mid 20s, anyone who do not go through this phase, there's something wrong with you :)

Mid 20s is the most critical phase of life. Finishing degree, believing that a scroll capable of securing a job for you.And then realising that there more thousands more with you on the run hunting for the exact job you wanted. You'll lose stamina and motivation. Just believe this :

And, you landed on a job. Money comes in, and happiness don't stay long. Money goes out to pay edu loan, car loan, house loan, bills, etc.

And you get tired with your job. The same work, the demanding boss, the competitive colleagues. Not to mention discrimination. You're no more productive. Your works stay behind.

And you get this 'disease' :

You just settled and feeling fine with life (excluding the job), marriage talk slowly arises. All memories comes back alive.

You haven't move on from your past, and you can't forget. Neither can you accept a new one in life. You fight with parents, finally choosing to stay single.

And, you have this weird feelings that leaves you feeling empty. 

This is the 20s crisis, from what I've seen happening among the 20s'. Well, I'm still configuring what I'm doing, and what I'll be doing. And, of course, there must be something served on my plate, just not now.

 In the meantime, enjoy life. Have fun. You will not get this in 30s.

I always think of being kids again. Now, I've drop this out of my consideration. I can never be one. But, hey, I can hangout with one or two of them. Instead of being stress free kid, I can LEARN how to feel free of stress, despite of the stress I'm having.

 Don't get drowned in dilemma. Just surf! You will made it through! Sayonara!

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