Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy Birthday, Renuka :)

September has left, welcoming October with monsoon rain. How I wish I could just stay cuddled up all day, with a cup of hot cocoa.

The month that I adore, the month that I'm always hyper-active, the month that gives a smile  on each new day, the month of festivals and colors, the month of my BIRTHDAY!!!

Here I am, blowing my 25 candles on Oct 12th.
On this special day, I seek the lotus foot of God for my betterment.
The years past did taught me many things. And I thought that's life.

I was wrong. My life started at 23. Yes, I learned what life is; economically. I haven't talk about relationships and family. Not yet. Life pushed so hard, deteriorating my health and education. To an extent, I swear I thought I can never cope with these. All I do is just pray. Pray. And here I am, truly thankful to Him, instilling faith in me.

The end of comfort zone showed me the other me, who strongly passed the hurdles.

The only thing that I missed so much during that moments was a friend. A friend to talk to. Sometimes, we can't face so much burden alone. We just need a listener. Being introvert, I had hundreds of friends to socialise but not a single to share my situation.

And, now, my true best friend is none other than Narayan Himself.

Learning from my past, may this birthday brings me loads of happiness and inner peace. May I grow old in age but grow younger at heart. May I grow in compassion, less in temper. A wiser and confident person.

~The best writing comes out when you find yourself broken. It's like your heart gets ripped open and all the feelings spill out into a beautiful mess on paper~

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