Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Something to ponder

Something to ponder, in fact something that I found weird.

I realize that to whom we are attached the most, to them we share most of our feelings, emotions. To them we open up everything, becoming vulnerable. Then we realize, they are the one who does everything that hurts us. Shattering our heart, chopping them to chunks, slitting them to pieces. We can't blame them. It was our mistake for trusting, believing that they are capable of making us feel happy.

Why is that the one that we love are the ones that hurts us too much?
To them we tell everything, they know us very well, more deep than others. Yet, how come they could do something that will break our heart?

'Being in others shoes'
I strictly believe this quote can save many friendships and relationships if one really understand it. They expect this and that from you. You do for them. And of course you expect something from them, too. They fail to meet your demand. This frustrates you.
Stop blaming my expectations that lead to frustration. It was your character that frustrated me. If you do not expect anything, be it friendship or relationship, then there is something wrong. Either you are tired of them or you dislike them.

Just a simple example: If you want to give respect you, I demand the same from you. If you would like me to wear high collared blouse, I expect you to give extra attention to me.

They demanded, and you do for them. You demanded, they show their 'don't care' attitude. When someone else asks for a favour, they can help, but when you ask, either they take time to respond to you, or they pretend as though they are busy.

What is this? Come on! Girls seriously hate this!

And men claim they can't read womens' thought. So, we sometimes become brave enough to actually spill our emotions. Yet, our feelings are not respected/ important. They just continue doing what they like. Not even a little of toleration. Women have to tolerate, all the time.
This where we take decision NOT to tell men anything.

I know there are gentlemen who does some unexpected things that admirably could sweep off a girls' feet, but wouldn't it make them a lot happier if you do something that they asked, too? Forget the ego, duh~ don't make me start about it.

(Finally, I do not know how to end this, its 1.30am. Thanks to the neverending rain that motivated me to scribble my thoughts, or should I say, 'Generally, All women's thought'.

Good night!

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