Monday, May 28, 2012

here comes our Iron Lady

Just few weeks after I posted about her, she came to screw all her haters. The touching part, she never hate them, she only describe them as negativity,'it doesn't stick, it just drops off'.  Ash has the glow of motherhood and no doubt she is a PROUD mother.
This video just proved she ain't any normal Miss World. What can I say, she has both beauty and brains.... Blessed she is!

You may think I'm so obsessed with her. Pardon me, but I'm not a big fan of her. I weren't into her acting and movies, but the way she handled criticism and gossip, wow, I'm astonished!

'....the rest are opinions and it can vary and it doesn't matter... ' 
'This is reality, I'm a mother, and this can happen and it happens to me and that's fine.'

She never endorsed a size zero figure. She loves herself, for whom she was and for whom she is now, and that's what matters.

This is what I call AWESOMENESS.

With one video, she made everyone pt their hands on the mouth, but some still don't give up. Now some came up with the idea, 'she is pregnant again'. What the heck...

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