Friday, May 11, 2012

She is human, after all..

Beauty queen.Gorgeous, she is! And please don’t remind me of her strong pronunciation of British English and her fake laughter. I admit; sounds horrible. But, despite all these (no one is perfect, btw) I admire her.

I’ve never seen any Miss World who had survived so far in Hall of Fame. Yeap, agree we have Priyanka Chopra, Sushmita Sen, Lara Dutta; but how much have they achieved? Did they get any Hollywood movie offers? Invited for Cannes Film Festival..I can go on, but two is enough for the moment..( I love Sushmita sen and Lara Dutta, fyi)

Well, I don’t want to brag further, but something bothered me. A picture in Facebook has provoked me to write on this topic.

-Nothing is permanent:-(
-Air pillow ku makeup pota mari eruka:@
-Pandi kutti'ke powder aadichi utte mathiri iruka ! xD !
-Whatever hOw she lOok alike nOw, she gOt mOney .. Just see after few mOnths / years .. she will be back as nOrmal as befOre!:P ~sa3

Quite astonishing that Indians commented so. What? Are we in Hollywood? Where Posh Victoria Beckham delivers fourth child and the next week back on track with size zero?  Again on designing and not mothering her kids?

I am not here to condemn the Beckhams but let us see from a different angle. You may be a celebrity, but you are a normal human when it comes to family, marriage etc, etc. Whats wrong of Ash being plump? Remember, once she had a beautiful tall, slim figure. Ok, now don’t ask why she never maintained it. Anyone out there who never gained few pounds while pregnant?

Come on, she is in her thirties and a mother to a newborn baby. At least she did maintain her figure and didn’t become plump right after her marriage!
And yeah, I will be happy with whatever decision that she takes after this: to hit the gym or stay the way she is now.
I’m glad she didn’t expose her baby to the world yet. Or else people will start criticizing the baby too.  :P

(While writing this, I was upset and I wrote with my little knowledge, as I don't really follow on gossips of Bollywood)

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