Saturday, December 3, 2011

All I see, beads..beads..beads...


Guess where I went? Beads class!!!!

Yeap, I have passion for all these ladies thingy..beads, sewing, cooking, deco….etc ,etc..:P 
So, I got a chance to learn how to make necklace, earrings and anklets. And right now, I’m wearing one of my handwork; my anklet! Feel so proud!

Have a look at my handwork. Oh, my sister and my mom, together with my aunt , we went for this class. A two days class, and all 60 of us were ladies. So much of Fun!! And that was first time I experienced how it feels working with girls. I studied in convent school, but they were all girls around my age. But this environment was totally different! All ages were there, helping each other, and they talk about their family while we youngsters (around 5 of us) just listen and laugh, and gain experience from their family life, too..LOL.

We had an ice-breaking session in the middle of the class, that was the time we got to know them well. Their family background, some are doing good, while some..hrmm, lets pray to God to Bless them.

My mom and my aunt busy-body :P

Priority to elders; my mother’s finished handcraft

 my aunt's

 my sister’s

lastly, mine! Am proud with my finished handcraft!

A way of presenting  handwork. Nice.

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