Saturday, December 8, 2012

I survived..

Sit, relax yourself
Empty your mind
Inhale deeply
Cry your heart out
You feel calm now
mind searches the problem
that bugging you
Digging everything from yesteryear
All the memories resurfacing
from the dormant section of brain

Cry more, louder this this time
Stop. Breathe and think
Think of everything and everyone that hurts you.
Cry again.
Let your emotion out.

Don't make any decisions
Cry for the last time, until you sleep.

Begin the day like a new leaf
Indulge in

neither past nor memory.

tell yourself

This is not the end.
Hold on, God will never let you down.
Keep going
It's just one of the day, where 'S**t Happens' 
Perhaps Him reminding you of His existence
That you forgot
being swept away into materialistic world.

Quell your feelings
It will never heal, but makes
the wound bigger.

Never look back.
Instead, cry.

You won't die,
but you will survive the treacherous moment.

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