Sunday, December 23, 2012

Adoption Drive, a cure for gloomy heart

Are you ready to hear me blabbering?

Here I am, like a couch potato, facing my laptop. Back from Adoption Drive, (can you believe, I caught a dog which tried to run away. It has been ages I ran so fast. That big muscular dog, the lovely Bhairavi don't like to stay there..hrmmm), spent time in Straits Quay (well, just 2 days for Christmas, these are places you can get best shots of humongous Christmas tree).

A hectic day, indeed; well that's good if you are trying to get away from some awful problems. But, why is that when you reach home, those thing seeps into your mind again? Isn't that home where your loved ones would be there to ward off those feelings?

Yes, there are there, they will always be there. It's just that you don't feel like sharing with them.Why the heart do not open up to closed ones?

Ah, that's a hard question.
Maybe I don't have the guts to share with them.

But, there is always one place I find solitude and peace. First room, far right corner. Instantly, He'll come and remind me ' You know why you feel sorrow? Because you forget about me, totally'.
And I feel bad about it. I've forgotten Him. How could I?

He has his own ways to console me. And I know my problem is solved. Well, not really but the impact is reduced a little. :)

What happened at the Adoption Drive?
I found that there are actually many kind hearted people. Few cute puppies have been adopted, and donations were a lot!! A lot!! cookies and pet items were sold to raise fund. They even had pets photo frames, looking so classic!
We packed up joyfully at 4pm, feeling satisfied. A few of them sell cupcakes and dog items to raise fund.
Finishing that, we straight headed to Straits Quay. We ordered for 3 coffees in Starbucks, and we get 4. A mistake.  Yee-haw!!!

Oh, sorry, but I can't tell more. I'm feeling very sleepy now.. Nights....

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