Monday, January 16, 2012

My mom, a Techsavvy

 No, I ain't machine lover. And this is not about iPod, iPad, or Steve Jobs. Seriously, my knowledge on gadgets is so low. I can't even tell you what is the difference between smart phone and normal phone. By the way, what the heck is smart phones??? LOL

So, coming to the point...It's something funny here. This was few weeks back when  I brought my brother and my mom to grandma's place. He was weak in Add maths and my cousin helped him. This what happened. Both teen age was with books, and look at the oldies...wuahahaha

My aunt do not know how to handle but my mom! hmmph, she can even watch youtube. She will switch on, go to youtube, and her favourite is cooking by vahrehvah. But she spent most of the time watching earthquake/ tsunami in Japan.It has been over a year, but my mom still amazed how STRONG nature is. She can't believe Bhooma Devi could get angry to that extreme!

One thing about my mom. She learn everything by herself. I mean, take some housewives for example. They stay at home, so they don't have to learn, they are old, gadgets not their generation, so they don't learn.

I remember how frustrated my mom was when she can't take license due to her age. Teaching her how to use computer was stressful. But, she badly wanted to learn. Somehow she learnt on her own. She loves youtube and knowledgeful-blogs. And she is also into politics. Nme one, and she can tell you his history, together with his 'uulal' :P

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