Friday, January 20, 2012

a trip, almost to be tragic!

And here I am, still alive, blogging. ( Doesn't that sounds insane?).
A trip which almost took our life. Exam has come to an end and everyone going back. So we decided to hangout together before going on our own way. Here comes a new idea: let's go to a cave which located almost 200km a way (another state precisely. And well, that's not my idea, but from an adventurous and must-make-the-idea-happen friend). After my lab, we started our journey of one and half hour. End up taking 2 hours as we get lost halfway. And We went through the tunnel, again! 

Gua tempurung, Perak

Because we left our place quite late, my friend decided to speed to reach on time. Driving fast, and everyone  was sleepy (the day before busy planning till 4am), not forgetting snack-time. 

Snack time is always the best. I agree you will end up dirty-ing  your car, but then who cares? You see, all will enjoy except the driver. He was fed by Param, who declined to feed with bare hand instead used spoon. Eventually, the ring shaped snack fall on the floor. Guess who tried to pick the ring?

The DRIVER! He bent down to the left, and steering moved to the right, to the road divider. So near till almost hitting it. We looked, and as fast as possible he steered to left. The car moved 'sharply' to left, and to right again. Three times; left, right, left and back to normal. It was only four of us in the car; two guys and two girls.  The front passengers were wearing seatbelt, and they stayed at place. All I see was road and driver's hand controlling the steering. The passenger beside him, Oh God, STATUE! WE at the back, we pushed left and right. I thanked the food which parted us in the middle, or else I would have pushed Anu till she hit on the mirror, hurting herself. Anu screamed three times as though synchronized with the car movement.LOL ( God, I'm making fun of this!). 

At that point, my mother's face flashes on my head. How I didn't inform her before leaving, fearing she might object. I regretted, and all I can see was the aftermath; accident, hospital, I lied and didn't ask permission; mom never gonna trust me again! I hoped it would stop. 

Thank God it stopped.

Silent. All.

I realised, and I got to know myself. When I get panic, the fear blocks my throat till I can't scream. I couldn't scream for help. 
Anu cried and I comforted her, with fear still dominating my heart.
After few seconds, laughter filled the space. The guys were laughing about the tragic. At first, we were shocked, they takeit easy. But after a while, we too, burst into laughters. All the time talking about it, and sharing everyone experience about it.

We named the moment as 'Kalasala'.  Each time there is a car which goes slowly in front of us, these two guys will say 'Ei, navere, enna petthi uneke teriyathe; ei paakerriye, paakeriya.' (Hei, you don't know about me; hei, wanna see (my act)) And you know what, the van which was coming behind us, which watched the whole drama; never neared our car. The van stayed away from our car after that! Hahahahahaha!

Reaching home, we Thanked God. We should. He saved us from everything, Everything!

Garudaa Bhagwan, Who came and blessed us for a safe journey.Who saved us from the tragic. Thank you bhagwan. To Narayanan, Who sent Garudan to watch us all the time, Thank you. May you bless us forever.

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