Thursday, January 31, 2013

Conversation on humanitarian

People who does charities will be bestowed by God.

This is what everyone believes,well what Hindus believes. I don't know the cogent reason, but I just know when I do it, instantly the whole day will be filled with weird feelings, mixed with happiness. Or, is that people call pure joy?

The Hindus love doing charity-thaanam, for the sake of getting something in return (approx 55% of them) (pardon me if I'm wrong). They do a lot, mostly money wise or food-'annathaanam'.

So, what am I trying to point out here?

Let me replay a conversation which I had with a few elder men.

Location : Thaneer panthal

Me: Oh my, look. There's a dog inside the panthal. People are eating. Some may not like pet. We should get him out of the panthal.

Friend 1 : ???????

Me: I bet he is here for food. It looks clean and well groomed. The owner might be looking for it. ( I should ask a male help to carry this dog)

Ignorant Male 1: Hi!

Me: HI! there's a dog here, in the panthel. We must bring him out of here (tuuki veliye udenoo)....(before I finish)

Ignorant male 1:  Go catch the dog and let it outside.(poi tuuki veliye udenghe)
                        -at this point, he was smiling at me. I should have punched his face!

Me: (I better ask someones help)

Me: Hi, I must let the dog outside, but I'm scared it might bite me. Can you assist me?

Good guy: sure.

Me: (gently touched the dog, he was friendly) carried outside. Let him there.

Few mins later....

Me: oh god , the dog is here again! I think we need to give him food. Put the food outside so that he won't come in again.

Good guy: there's paper plate. Go ahead.

Me: uncle, pls put some food.

Male jerk 1: no polystyrene allowed

Me: not polytsyrene.

Male jerk 1: there's silver plate. Use that. Why this plate?

Me: no, there's a dog there, It might be hungry. I want to give some food.

Male jerk 2: I thought for you. The dog can find its own food. (laughing)

Male jerk 1: Yeah, don't waste the plate and food. The dog can find its food. (laughing, joining Jerk 1)

Me: (Good, you've served the purpose of annathanam. Keep laughing jerks)

At the end of the day, they were happy, they've served all the people who came. But, they failed to feed one hungry mouth, which can't speak and ask for food.

All that happened between 1 girl and 4 men. Sad thing they doing these blindly. What's wrong giving just two spoonful of rice from a large bucket? People waste food. A plate full of rice, they can't finish it, they throw it.

Dogs don't eat vegetarian food.
In hunger, all dogs eat whatever they get. And they love ghee.

“Love is not patronizing and charity isn't about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same -- with charity you give love, so don't just give money but reach out your hand instead.” 
― Mother TeresaA Simple Path: Mother Teresa

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